My Fees are Very Competitive

You are getting a lawyer with 3 degrees and 40 years of experience. Try calling some of these 'discount lawyers' — they won't even tell you their fees over the phone! I usually charge 1/3 fee + my legal costs [ getting medical records, hiring doctors and medical experts, and costs of filing fees and process serving in a lawsuit ] and if it is a complicated case — like a defective product which harms you and costs me a lot to develop — my fees may go up.

Realistically — you'll walk away with about fifty cents on every dollar that I win for you -- but there are other factors involved, such as whether there is an ongoing appeal.

Since I am more than competitive, if you show me someone who is charging substantially less for what you are getting than my ordinary fees — I'll either match them — better them or tell you that you should sign on with the other lawyer.

I will offer to cut my fees if you will front the legal costs which can go from a few hundreds of dollars to in some cases over a million dollars. This is very unusual since most clients don't have the economic resources to do this; I may even be able to secure a loan for costs for you which you will have to pay back with interest to a business who makes such loans. And I may be able to get you a loan for your living expenses from some of these businesses — though in most cases I don't advise it since it becomes very expensive and you will have to pay them a bundle!