How We Obtain Treatment for Your Injuries if You Have No Insurance

If your injuries do not go away and there is proof it was from the wrongdoer’s fault — and they have adequate insurance coverage, I will help you to obtain the doctors, medical tests and hospitals who will treat you with no money  down until your case settles. Most other lawyers will not help you do this.

Many of our clients do not have medical insurance. Other lawyers can recommend you to doctors who may work on a guarantee letter written by a lawyer who promises to pay the treating health care provider from monies received after your case is settled — but in most cases, if you or your loved one has serious injuries — you will not be able to have sophisticated tests such as CT Scans, MRI scans, EMG nerve conduction tests and other expensive tests.

Almost all doctors who are pain specialists and give pain injections, orthopedic surgeons who operate on disc or nerve problems or other kinds of specialty surgeons that you may need for treatment of your serious injuries are unwilling to work on a 'guarantee letter.' So, if you do not have your own medical insurance, you will not be able to be treated. If you cannot be treated properly, then you will not get well and you will also get very little money for your injury since your problem will not be medically diagnosed nor treated.

So, if the doctor determines that you need surgery for anything related to the injury suffered, the doctors are almost always unwilling to work on a guarantee. Just as important, no hospital will work on a guarantee so that you are kept from having the surgery you need because even if a doctor will treat you, no hospital will allow an operation to be performed you won't get well so that your condition will become chronic and to add insult to injury — you won't be able to recover what you deserve!

My firm has agreements so that you can receive your medical treatment and be admitted to a hospital and have an operation if you require it. Like everything else in life, there are conditions. Most importantly the organization that we deal with will have you examined and referred to their network of doctors, laboratories, physical therapists and hospitals provided that they believe we have an excellent chance of proving that the other side who caused you injury did wrong and that you were not at fault. Of course, all of this depends upon whether the wrongdoer has a big enough insurance policy which will be able to cover payment for this treatment.

You will be required to sign a letter through us, with this company we deal with who has agreements with various doctors and hospitals throughout the country. They lay out the money for the doctors and hospitals which they pay directly — and when your case settles and you get a recovery — you pay them back. They pay wholesale prices to the medical treaters for your medical services and you are required to pay them back at retail prices. This is their 'profit' and is a win win for you, your lawyer and the doctors and medical institutions. You are properly diagnosed and treated when you need it and use this medical treatment to recover what you deserve. We can prove your medical damages more effectively, resulting in better results and higher fees for us and how you can see a doctor, have an operation when you need it and recovery what you deserve!

So when you check with other law firms — see what they say about being able to retain a surgeon and get hospitalization if you don't have medical insurance!

Call us for a free consultation and we will explain this and more to you.