On Getting a Big Settlement or Verdict

I develop and package your case so that the buyer — in this case the insurance company — is willing to pay more for the true value of your case. How I do that is based on my experience, my willingness to innovate, and my tenacity to pursue your claim until you receive what you deserve.

The truth of the matter is that anyone who receives a big settlement or award when they are physically injured (including brain and psychological injuries) has been very hurt. No matter how good you are as a lawyer — the liability and the injuries govern how much money you may get. Almost no one ever gets something for nothing!

You should hope that you won’t be very injured — because no matter how much money you receive — if you don’t have your health — you don’t have much left. On the other hand, you need someone to fully demonstrate your injuries and the other side’s liability. The least I can do is to get you the award that money wise will be a substitute and offer you comfort and security for your injury.