Head to Toe Experience


Auto, Motorcycle, Slip & Fall, Product Liability:

(Injuries going from top of head down to the toes)

Closed head injury - inability to think clearly and double vision
Brain injury from trauma
TMJ- clicking and difficulty opening jaw
Tinnitus - ringing ears caused by trauma
Whiplash of neck
Neck injury (cervical spine)
Fracture of neck vertebrae
Injury to spinal cord resulting in paralysis
Hot spot pressure points
Cervical sprain and strain
Rotator cuff injury (shoulder)
Torn muscles and ligaments of shoulder
Thoracic outlet injury
Broken collarbone
Upper back injury (thoracic spine)
Arthritis caused by, accelerated, or aggravated by trauma to neck
Injuries to the wrist and hand
Carpal Tunnel syndrome from trauma
Heart trauma from steering wheel impact
Heart murmurs caused by auto trauma
Trauma to chest causing heart bruise and death
Narrowed spinal canal aggravating disc injury
Low back injury
Cauda Equina Syndrome (loss of bowels and bladder from low back disc)
Facet injury
Bulging discs - neck and back
Herniated discs - neck and back
Need for low, mid and upper back disc and/or facet surgery
Carpal tunnel wrist injury (steering wheel or fall injury)
PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Ulnar nerve elbow injury
Broken ribs
Broken hip
Knee injury causing stiff and painful knee joint
Sciatic nerve injury
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (nerve injury from trauma)
Nerve injuries
Broken femur
Knee cap injuries
Arthritis of knee
Anterior cruciate ligament
Meniscus injury
Non-union of leg bones (tibia and fibula)
Broken tibia and fibula
Broken toes
Steroid injections to alleviate pain

Medical Malpractice:

Negligent Administration of Anesthesia [Death]
Osteomylitis (failure to diagnose bone infection)
Operatively induced failure to diagnose cranial bleed
Failure to diagnose eye disease
Severing lingual nerve during pulling wisdom teeth causing facial paralysis
X-ray failure to diagnose medical condition causing death
Needless Carotid artery surgery causing stroke and paralysis
I.V. cancer therapy causing severe burns on arms
Failure to timely diagnose peritonitis causing death
Failure of psychiatrist to diagnose schizophrenia, changing medications causing suicide
Death from Gastric Banding for weight loss causing death
Failure to do timely PSA test increasing risk of prostate cancer death
Failure of hospital to timely diagnose compartment syndrome in limb from
dislocation causing partial permanent loss of leg
Failure to properly repair torn finger tendon
Negligently sewing hernia to gut
Negligently using electric scalpel knife causing bowel injury
Negligently nicking ureter causing bladder injury
Negligently cutting ureter and sewing it to bowel
Negligently performing colonoscopy and failure to attend patient causing death
Waking up from operation with "burns"
Induced nerve palsy from being strapped too tightly
Waking up from operation with nerve damage (ulnar neuropathy)
Failure to diagnose bowel disorders
Hospital caused staph infections
Failure to diagnose valley fever causing removal of one lobe of lung
Failure to diagnose valley fever causing death

Legal Basis for Claims

Slip and Fall Injury:

Poor lighting, uneven surfaces, leaking display cases, holes in parking lots and gas stations, slippery surfaces causing falls when store knew or should have known about the unnecessarily dangerous condition - causing any of the above mentioned automobile or orthopedic injuries

Drunk Driving Cases:

Effects of drunk driving
Breathalyzer calculation
Restaurant over-serving cocktails causing intoxication
Bars over-serving alcohol

Product Liability:

Defective hip ball joints
Defective water slide causing neck injury
Failure of product to have adequate warnings
Baseball pitching machine causing eye injury
Exploding beverage bottles causing eye injury
Invisible helicopter blade causing amputation
Semi automatics which "jam" when used in self defense
Railroad engine not having proper "ditch" lights causing death
Stop signs that do not reflect light causing injury
Jeep transmission which locks up from water
Roof of car collapsing in turnover
Child seat which causes paralysis
Hooks in store holding goods causing eye injury


Insurance coverage issues
Whether insurance policies cover gun shooting in home
Coverage for kick in the head by a horse
Claims against wrongdoer's insurance
Claims against your own insurance - Uninsurance and Underininsurance


Failure to sound horn warning cars
Failure to slow for intoxicated pedestrian

Dog Bites:

Leash Law requiring dogs to be leashed
Dog bite in face or lip of child
Dog bites to various parts of body
County failure to keep dog in quarantine


Vertigo from trauma or explosion
Dangerous escalators and elevators
Snake bites in public places
Liability for recreational use vehicles
Rape in university parking garage - inadequate supervision
Rodeo responsibility for horse breakout
Failure to maintain premises resulting in injuries caused by damp premises
Landlord's negligent management
Injuries involving mold, bacteria etc. resulting in respiratory injuries and death

Other - Bicycle Accidents:

Pothole in streets
Chain across fence
Auto striking bicyclists