On Choosing a Lawyer - Ask What’s Their Batting Average!

My office has handled over 8,000 personal injury cases and I personally handled thousands of them along with practically all of the larger cases in my office. But now I practice alone so I handle all the cases!!! And I won’t take your case unless I believe you can receive reasonable and adequate compensation for your injuries. Nor will you ever get any double-talk from me!

You want a lawyer who has the experience to handle your case — and knows when to consult with other lawyers if the need arises. You should ask how many cases your lawyer has. How many trials has your lawyer had? What’s his batting average?

Since I have handled thousands of cases in many areas, I’m not afraid to go to trial or arbitration in cases that have lasted from an afternoon before an arbitrator, to more than six weeks in front of a judge and jury. Insurance companies know who is afraid to go to trial and they low ball their offers to those who are afraid to step up and fight; they know that I am willing — when it is necessary to go to the mats and duke it out!

However, I always try to settle a case — and I keep on trying up to the date I go to trial!