Verdicts & Settlements

- Intoxicated motorcyclist wearing sunglasses at night hurt when there is no ‘end of road sign’ - $320,000

     Why: Hired experts to show visual illusion of continuing road.

- Woman who doesn’t stop for stop sign and gets hit and killed by train - confidential settlement

     Why: Proved that trains should have ‘ditch’ lights illuminating the tracks would have provided a conspicuous warning to automobile drivers.

- Young woman who drives car through stop sign broadsided by intoxicated driver $2.2 million

     Why: Other road should have had a stop sign too. Hired experts to prove unreasonably high speeds resulted without stop sign and proved intoxication measurement was not timely computed.

- Gun savvy storeowner whose pistol jams in a robbery is shot 5 times - confidential settlement

     Why: Proved pistol did not contain warning that it would jam if held in a certain way; ammunition varied to magnify situation. I hired gun and ballistic experts. Defense verdict — reversed on appeal and then settled.

- Big normal looking tree falls down on man during a windstorm - $580,000

     Why: Proved tree was over irrigated and rotten on inside; photos and horticulture experts proved case.

- Man driving on wrong side of road hit by large truck. Child paralyzed - $2 million

     Why: I hired child seat experts to prove that if it was not defectively designed the child restraint would have prevented spinal cord injury. I also joined with another out of state firm who specialized in these type of cases without extra fees to the client.

I cannot promise that I will win every case — but I put my heart into them. I promise to care and be tenacious.