Wrongful Death

When someone dies as a result of someone else's negligence — that is called wrongful death. Naturally, it is one of the most valuable kinds of cases both for the client's family and the lawyer representing them.

The other side of the coin is — since the case has so much more value — the defense insurance company will spend that much more time and money to try to disprove it. That's why you need an experienced Personal Injury accident attorney to represent you and your family's rights.

You may have noticed how I have been able to obtain more money for severe injuries than for wrongful death. The reason is it costs much more to treat a live person and often computation of lost wages can be more than in wrongful death and in these cases you also cannot include "pain and suffering" since Arizona law does not allow this when a person has died. But a wrongful death case, whether in an auto collision or in a medical malpractice setting is usually very valuable.