Truck Accidents

Big trucks v. small trucks makes all the difference. Big trucks like 18 wheel rigs often travel interstate and are subjected to special rules for the number of hours that the drivers can be at the wheel and the various safety checks that they must undergo. They are required to keep driver logs that tell how many hours they worked, so it is often possible to prove in addition to their negligence, that they lost control because they drove too many hours.

Truck accidents whether they are big or small (unless it is just a pickup truck) that are driven for work are usually owned by a business, which generally has very substantial insurance limits. This is helpful because when you have ‘deep pockets’ it is more likely that you can get a larger award of money. Also, severe injuries are more likely to result from big truck accidents and it is more likely that there will be insurance to cover them. It doesn’t matter how serious your injuries are whether in a truck a car or on a bike if the other side does not have adequate insurance coverage and if you have not taken the precautions to insure yourself with UM/UIM coverage.