Government Liability

I have sued the various government entities a number of times during my long career as a personal injury lawyer. The government fights as hard as anyone and often they 'self insure' or pay out a sum of money without insurance and any monies over that certain amount are paid by an insurance company.

There are a lot more procedural steps when suing the government, whether city, county, state or federal because the government makes it difficult to sue. You have to pass through a number of 'hoops' and file the case in a much shorter period of time, write a notice of claim letter which has certain guidelines that must be followed, and serve various government entities in order to be able to perfect a valid claim against them. That's why you need an experienced lawyer who has undertaken this kind of work to help you.

I have sued city, county, state and federal entities — for everything from unsafe roads, dangerous slip and fall conditions, insufficient lighting causing accidents and rape at the university. When you sue them the government defends vigorously.