Faulty Product

One usually sues a company, which has manufactured a faulty product. The theory is simple. If the engineers who designed the product were not careful in the design, and did not consider most of the potential problems that could develop with the product and either correct them or adequately warn you the consumer about them, so that you would be more careful when using them — then the manufacturer and the supplier all the way down to the store that sold you the product may be liable to you for injuries. I have had substantial experience suing corporations in this area. I also have engaged other lawyers who have special expertise against specific types of manufactures — e.g. automobile manufacturers to work with me on the cases so that we can win them. It is often very expensive to sue a manufacturer, and like medical malpractice — I will not want to undertake such a case unless there are very serious injuries on the old adage: "If you are going to bake a cake — at least make sure it is a big cake." It doesn't pay to spend a lot of time and money proving liability in a small injury product liability case. And, though some people believe that it is 'the principle that counts,' unless the client is willing to pay for this 'principle,' it is unlikely that a lawyer will want to get involved.