About Me

I have been in practice in Tucson for 37 years. Before that I was a corporate lawyer for American Express and then I cut my trial teeth by becoming a criminal drug defense trial lawyer in New York City. Before that I went to school and worked in Washington, D.C. for Senator Robert Kennedy and graduated from Syracuse University Law School.

Soon after moving to Tucson, I started handling Injury cases. My office has handled thousands of cases over the years.

These have included: automobile collisions at both high speeds and lower speeds. Among my more prominent cases I have secured recoveries involving trucks ($600,000) motorcycles ($550,000) and automobile collisions (up to $2,200,000).

I also prepare and try slip and fall or trip and fall cases in and against supermarkets, stores, gas stations, on sidewalks etc... These recoveries range up to $175,000.

I have prepared and tried faulty product cases involving everything from defectively designed tail rotors on helicopters, which become invisible when rotating that someone walked into severely injuring their shoulder and arm ($650,000); defective Glock pistols which jam when you do not hold them just right, as when a pizza store owner was shot 5 times when his Glock jammed in a robbery (confidential settlement); defective automobile transmissions which caused a rollover; garage doors with sharp edges which caused hand injuries when they caught fingers while closing them; infant car seats which did not properly protect a youngster in a head-on collision and resulted in paralysis ($2,000,000); locomotive headlights which did not warn an oncoming car of its approach and caused death (confidential settlement); faulty highway construction where stop sign at the end of an off-ramp should not have been removed ($2,200,000); wall surrounding home which collapsed upon being climbed causing leg amputation ($1,000,000); fence which did not hold in livestock who wandered onto highways and caused death ($1,000,000); defective irrigation systems which over watering caused tree to fall over onto a pedestrian causing disabling injury ($580,000); car roof which collapsed on a turnover and caused paralysis ($500,000).

I have prepared and tried medical malpractice cases involving: failing to diagnose valley fever causing removal of part of lung; brain hemorrhage ($550,000); schizophrenia ($250,000); infections ($750,000); performing botched operations and negligently performing diagnostic tests (up to $475,000).

I do not win all my cases—but I do not let go easily. For example, I have been involved in a mold litigation of a low income apartment complex for over ten years, where the judge dismissed the case stating that mold cannot cause serious injuries. I appealed and got a reversal and now the case is back on the court calendar in preparation for trial!

I cannot promise that I will win every case—but I will promise that I will put my heart into your case and try to be available and answer your questions. But in exchange, I expect you to see your doctor regularly when it is required and to notify our office on an ongoing basis of how you are progressing on your injuries.

I promise to care!